Drones to improve our service efficiency


Ferrovial Services flying drones to improve service efficiency

As part of its commitment to innovation, Ferrovial Services implements new technologies, such as drones, to optimise efficiency and safety in service delivery.

In this video interview, Richard Butterfield, from the Ferrovial Services Centre of Excellence for Asset Management, describes the use of drones in maintenance services provided by the company. Drones can be used, for example, in road surveillance and infrastructure maintenance.

We are currently using drones for immediate response in highway accidents. A drone can get to an accident location faster and provide an initial diagnosis of the situation, which is used to decide on the appropriate response and send the necessary resources with less delay.

Another application of drones is in large infrastructure maintenance, such as water facilities and power lines. A drone can overfly large facilities and provide detailed status information, avoiding the need to send a technician. This makes it possible to optimise maintenance costs.

Richard Butterfield sees drones as having an “even more exciting” future. Once they are capable of autonomous flight, they will drastically reduce work times on many jobs.

For more information about this project, you can read the Ferrovial Blog post “How drone technology is reaching new heights in the world of asset management” in which Rob Doyle, HSEQ Director for Amey’s Consulting and Rail Business, explains the current challenges we are facing with the help of drones.

You can learn more about Ferrovial Services here.


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