Energy efficiency project ACCEPT comes to the University of Malaga


construction execution processes for energy-efficient
ACCEPT is a research project carried out in collaboration with technological companies and research centres from several European countries.
Málaga University and its start-up department, UMA Link, was the chosen venue for the presentation, on 13th and 14th October, of ACCEPT, a project aimed at combining digitalisation and energy efficiency within the construction sector, with funding from the European Commission. Ferrovial Agroman’s R&D department is participating in the project. ACCEPT, Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes of Energy-efficient buildings, is the result of a research project carried out by technological companies and research centres in Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Germany (Ascora, Answare, Epitessera Architects, Fraunhofer, Ingleton Wood, Lucid, Jacques Delens, Ferrovial Agroman, Tie Kinetix and Cype). The ACCEPT project encompasses the creation of a technological platform covering all the processes involved in building construction, using the latest technological devices: Smart Glasses for minimising errors during construction works, thereby improving the overall energy efficiency of the resulting buildings; mobile applications which allow monitoring of works progress; digital measurement of spaces and areas and sensors for measuring conditions in the environment; or the internet of things for “seeing through” buildings, are some of the innovations that ACCEPT brings to the construction sector. The project aims to reduce deviations, in terms of efficiency, which can occur in all stages of the construction process. This will significantly reduce energy consumption, not only during the useful life of each building, but also during actual construction works. Estimations on energy savings show results in improved energy efficiency and a reduction in significant losses. On a European level, this means huge savings in absolute terms, which in turn translate into radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


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