FerroNATS creates SkyWAY, a new air traffic control academy


Air traffic control academy skyway air traffic control tower
Ferronats is set to launch Skyway (FerroNATS ATC Training Academy), a new air traffic control academy that responds to the current shortage of air traffic control professionals within the sector.

Skyway, air traffic control academy

SkyWAY is backed by FerroNATS’ positive track record, which builds on Ferrovial Services’ international experience in airport management and the leadership and know-how in air traffic control of British company NATS. This new school will provide training on local aerodrome tower control – one of the three categories in which airspace control is based, together with approach and en-route control. SkyWAY students will have real career and development opportunities in a growing sector and with a leading company in a liberalised market. The new school will be located at the FerroNATS head office in Madrid. To register at the SkyWAY air traffic control academy you must be at least 18 years old, pass the selection process, and have a B2 or higher level of English. Once the training period is completed, candidates will obtain the student air traffic control licence issued by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and will be able to work in one of the control towers managed by FerroNATS (Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos [Madrid], Vigo, Jerez, La Coruña, Valencia, Seville, Alicante-Elche, Ibiza and Lleida). Once this capacity building stage is successfully completed, students will obtain the aerodrome controller licence, at which time they may join the FerroNATS staff, a multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified professionals who ensure the safety of the more than 33 million passengers taking to the skies every year, with the opportunity of accessing an ever-growing market.

The sector needs air traffic controllers

As the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers Association (Aprocta) announced some days ago, the sector is looking to incorporate more than 500 controllers to cover the needs of traffic control in Spain over the coming years. The continuous growth in air traffic at Spanish airports requires an increased number of trained professionals. Aware of this need, FerroNATS is extending its remit to contribute to the training which is so urgently required within the sector, and thus improve the efficiency and efficacy of air traffic control. SkyWAY will organise briefing sessions over the coming months aimed at all potential candidates interested in accessing the most exciting career in the world within a dynamic and growing sector. For further information, visit the air traffic control academy at SkyWAY’s official website here.


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