Ferrovial Agroman applies environmental monitoring systems on London projects


environmental monitoring systems agroman london
Environmental monitoring systems and acoustic enclosures at the Northern Line Extension and Tideway Central in London are examples of how the company protects its communities. The benefits of new infrastructure in London are numerous. To fully ‘feel’ these benefits throughout construction it is vital that we positively engage the communities where we work. It is important to ensure they are informed of our activities and also that they are protected from any potential impact. To do so, the Ferrovial Agroman Laing O’Rourke joint venture (FLO) delivering the Northern Line extension (NLE) project has sourced the high-tech INFRA Net Field Monitoring System. This comprises individual noise, dust and vibration monitoring devices which continuously control the environmental impact of site activities. All the data is accessible via a pioneering web-based portal in real time. In the event of pre-determined levels being triggered, text and email alerts are sent to the construction team, so that additional mitigation can be implemented. For their part, the FLO team at Tideway Central have now started preparatory works for their acoustic enclosure, which has been designed with a noise model to act as a noise and dust barrier for the main excavation works. The team currently observes strict working hours and noise thresholds as agreed with the local authority and if there are ever any exceedances to these thresholds, they receive alerts so they are able to investigate the cause and find a solution. On site, measures are always taken to reduce the amount of dust produced from the works using methods such as damping down the area and the use of a dedicated road sweeper for the local streets. By using the latest technologies and mitigating measures, our projects in the UK demonstrate best practice and commitment to the environment and their communities, as well as ensuring the project delivery team are able to continue uninterrupted. Furthermore, to ensure we leave a long-lasting legacy in the communities we operate, Ferrovial Agroman also works with community organisations such as local schools and charities. One of the most popular programmes is STEM. STEM Ambassadors at the NLE and Tideway Central, alongside all other Ferrovial Agroman projects throughout the UK, volunteer their time to encourage and inspire young people to achieve more and progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Examples of volunteering opportunities at the STEM programme include delivering presentations at local schools, providing technical advice to teachers; or working with governors to help improve the way STEM is delivered within a school.


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