Ferrovial Agromán Internacional awarded a 5,000 million peseta project in Italy


Ferrovial-Agromán Internacional awarded a 5,000 million peseta project in Italy Ferrovial-Agromán Internacional is to perform the extension to three lanes works on a 15 km stretch of the Milan-Naples Motorway, passing by Orte, Rome. The project has a budget of nearly 5,000 million pesetas and two specific particulars: a very tight construction deadline - just 14 months - and the circumstance of having to execute it with very dense traffic. The project is included in the infrastructure improvement plan in the country, which the Italian Government has designed for the celebration of the Jubilee in the year 2000. In the case of the motorway network, the investment is aimed at extending the road network and improving safety, on a route that has a great number of black spots. Ferrovial-Agromán Internacional is already working on another project on the Italian motorway network: the Nazzano Tunnel, on which a unique construction process will be performed for the first time in the country, based on mobile metal shield, which will allow the tunnels to be executed without interrupting the traffic on the motorway. Leading foreign construction company in Italy Ferrovial-Agromán Internacional is carrying out projects in Italy valued at more than 20,000 million pesetas, among them, the Asti Hospital, refurbishment of the San Giovanni Hospital in Rome, the San Giuliano Park in Venice, the Liguria Wharf in the commercial port of that same city. This volume of contracts and the scope of the projects has made it the leading foreign construction company in the country. This last award has raised the Ferrovial-Agromán works portfolio to 180,000 million pesetas. "The unification of both structures - remarks Joaquín Ayuso, Managing Director of Ferrovial Agromán - is being materialised in a swift, efficient merger process, in which 80% of the final objectives have been fulfilled, so the process will be practically completed this year and a major part of the savings foreseen may be generated in the year 2000, estimated at about 5,000 million pesetas".


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