Ferrovial Agroman keeps leading in BIM implementation


BIM application at ferrovial

Ferrovial Agroman’s presence in national and international conferences reinforces its position in the implementation of this new methodology in our sector.

BIM becomes mandatory requirement for bidding in Spain from 2018

“Spain must reposition and lead in BIM implementation. One of the key advances BIM application presents is that it will allow to improve all the elements associated with the sustainability of infrastructures, guaranteeing a permanent monitoring in maintenance and increasing transparency in the management of projects” – Iñigo de la Serna,  Spanish Minister for Public Works, Construction and Infrastructures.

“We think of BIM as a tool towards a more efficient construction process, with less expenses and less errors”- Francisco Oblaré, Málaga’s Deputy for Public Works, Construction and Infrastructures

BIM as a crucial tool for the construction sector

‘BIM: integrating technology and management in construction’ organized by Grant Thornton (29th March, Málaga).

The Spanish construction sector meets in Málaga to discuss BIM application. Diego Nieto led Ferrovial Agroman’s presentation, connecting project management and BIM, and focusing on processes and proceedings that support it. The main value disclosed by the BIM methodology in the construction sector goes beyond 3D and virtual models, turning every element into an object capable of storing a large amount of interconnected, measurable, modifiable, reusable and graphical  information during the whole lifecycle of the infrastructure.

BuildingSmart, Barcelona International Summit (3-6 April)

Worldwide experts meet to working on improving BIM processes and international standards mainly in IFC (Industry Foundation Class), which aims at improving interoperability between different systems. Teodoro Alvarez, Ricardo Bittini and Adolfo Gutierrez have been Ferrovial Agroman’s representatives in the Construction Direction and Coordination Group, presenting practical examples of BIM Application in the UK  (Crossrail-Farringdon, Northern Line Extension y Thames Tideway), and showing several successful implementations in Spain, examples of Ferrovial Agroman’s leadership within the international BIM Community.

BIM: a worldwide reality, a step ahead

These forums showcase Ferrovial Agroman’s leadership, already implementing BIM and new working methodologies in different spots in the world, and applied to a variety of infrastructure typologies: from Australia to Saudi Arabia or UK, where BIM has been obligatory for bidding since 2016.

BIM application in Spain.

Projects such as Biodomo or Hospital Vithas in Granada, several constructions in País Vasco –a water treatment plant in Aulesti, or an educational institution in  Bergara-, or residential construction projects in Madrid (Vitbox or Castellana 76) are some of the examples of BIM implementation in Spain, and how Ferrovial Agroman is moving beyond (more) geographical frontiers.


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