Ferrovial Agroman lays the first stone for Málaga University’s Faculty of Psychology


Malaga University's new faculty of pshychology
November 7 marked the setting of the first stone for the new faculty of psychology of Malaga University (UMA), a complex which is being built as an extension to the Teatinos campus and comprises two irregular-shaped facilities set in grounds of over 28,000 m2 and occupying a total of 11,600 m2. Highlights of the project are its two singular buildings, which are arranged around inner patios and will house both vertical gardens and a bioclimatic garden on the roof. The main building will comprise three floors including vestibules, a library, janitors’ offices, coffee shop and dining room, assembly hall, Dean’s office and Secretariat, in addition to lecture rooms, offices for teaching staff, and laboratories and research facilities. The second building will have a single storey and stand to the east of the grounds, annexed to the main building. In the future, two further storeys could be added, bringing it to the same height as the main building. The two buildings share a basement which will provide up to 700 parking spaces. The complex is arranged around a series of inner patios, with alternate vertical screens providing support for the building. The screens, which are 3 metres in length, make up the main vertical structural system and provide openings between supports of between 18 to 21 metres. Vertical gardens will be established around the supports, creating an attractive, natural environment through which to walk. A bioclimatic garden will be established on the roof, based on renewable energy principles, together with passive systems to enhance energy savings, efficiency and sustainability for the building. Rainwater collection and grey water recovery systems will be installed for use in sanitary facilities and for watering the gardens.
"The building will be fully in keeping with the Smart Campus concept. Technological innovations will provide a friendly and sustainable environment, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency and a blending-in with the surroundings,” said Raquel Barco, deputy dean of the Smart Campus.
Present at the event in representation of local authorities were José Ángel Narváez, dean of Málaga University (UMA); Raquel Barco, deputy dean of Smart Campus; José Luis Espejo, the Government of Andalucía’s representative in Málaga; and Miguel Medina, Construction and Conservation Services manager. Present on behalf of Ferrovial Agroman were Alberto Torres, Director for Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla; Juan Elízaga Corrales, Institutional Relationships and R&D+i director; José Manuel García Lozano, director for Málaga, and Francisco J. Ortiz Sañudo, site manager, amongst others.


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