Ferrovial Agroman at the conference on "Well Building and Smart Cities" organized by the Casajol Foundation


jornadas Well Building Smart Cities

Last November, Ferrovial Agroman participated in the conference on “Well Building and Smart Cities” organized by the Casajol Foundation in Cadiz

Along with informational sessions, Maite de Diego, head of Energy Refurbishment at Ferrovial Agroman, participated in a debate by presenting the project, “Tucasaes+” (“Yourhouseis+”), a new opportunity for our homes to move toward improving energy efficiency through rehabilitation; and MIRE 3D‘ (‘LOOK 3D’) from Malaga, 3D modeling of urban information on energy.

The aim of the conference was to learn more about the relationship between smart cities and their complex ecosystem and the notable trends in the development of cities, such as digital transformation, the Internet of Things, home automation, sustainability, artificial intelligence, and Big and Small Data.

The special relationship that exists between people and living spaces – where we spend more than 90% of our time – was also analyzed throughout the day, looking at things as basic as impact on health and wellness and the creation of an integrated environment capable of improving nutrition, physical fitness, mood, sleep patterns, and people’s performance. In short, sharing developments in sustainable cities through the use of infrastructure, technology, and innovation to benefit the population with a group of experts.

The conference’s opening ceremony was led by Gemma Pérez, Representative for Economy, Innovation, Science, and Employment on the Board of Andalucía in Cadiz, and Mar Diez, Representative for the Cajasol Foundation in Cadiz. Throughout the morning, others joined in the debate: Antonio Cabello, from the Board of Andalusia’s Ministry of Employment, Business, and Commerce, who pointed out that “the ‘intelligence’ of city councils can already by assessed;” and Fernando Igual, who spoke on ‘BIM City’ as the heart of smart city management: What’s smart and what’s not. A round table on the digital transformation of businesses and institutions was held to bring the debates to a close, including these participants: ‘Andalusia Smart City,’ the Empresa Provincial de Información de Cadiz S.A., the Regional Government of Cadiz, and members of the Higher School of Engineers at the University of Cadiz.


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