Ferrovial Agromán records strong growth abroad


Since its founding, Ferrovial Agromán has shown a true international orientation. In fact, the company's first project outside of Spain was executed in Venezuela in 1954. Now, half a century later, Ferrovial Agromán receives 40% of revenues (1.993 billion in 2008) from the international markets. The growth over the last decade has been explosive and in 1999 only 12% of sales came from outside of Spain. Moreover, future growth is guaranteed with the total foreign backlog reaching 3.575 billion euros or 41% of the total. The profitable diversification strategy followed by the company in recent years has focused on stable countries with high growth potential and a deficit in infrastructure. Ferrovial Agromán has implemented a strategy through acquisitions (such as Budimex in Poland) as well as collaboration agreements with other group companies. The construction firm offers Cintra, BAA and Amey a strong competitive advantage when tendering proposals in competitive bids. Thanks to these joint endeavours, at the beginning of this year Cintra was awarded major concessions such as the A1 in Poland and the NTE and LBJ expressways in Texas. The priority regions for Ferrovial Agromán are Europe, North America and Latin America, although the company also looks at projects in other parts of the world. The company's main activity outside of Spain is in Poland where Ferrovial Agromán is the parent company of Budimex, one of the country's leading construction firms. Ferrovial also has a strong presence in the United States, specifically in Texas, through the company Webber, which was acquired in 2005. In recent years, the company has gained a foothold in other markets such as Ireland, where it is engaged in infrastructure projects.


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