Ferrovial becomes part of Alastria, the first national multi-sector blockchain consortium


Ferrovial is now part of the Alastria Blockchain

The main objective of Alastria (formerly Lyra network) is to enable a common digital space for its members in which they can develop their own blockchain strategy, thinking about the distribution and organization of products and services for the Spanish market. Open to any organization, the platform is independent and neutral, not having in itself any business model.

Alastria will develop a semi-public and permissible blockchain infrastructure adapted to Spanish regulations that will enable its partners to carry out concept tests and support fully functional and operational blockchain products and services.

Characteristics of the network

Being a semi-public network means that Alastria will use the technology of public blockchain networks and at the same time take advantage of private ones, among which the efficiency and cryptographic security stand out, without the need for mining.

The fact that it is a permissive network supposes that the registration and validation of transactions is exclusive of the partners, being able to grant reading access to third parties, but excluding the general public. Alastria will thus be operated by its own members, each choosing its role as a validating node or observer node, creating a framework of trust with sufficient sectoral diversity and independence.


Ferrovial joins this newly created multisectorial platform that encompasses market and banking entities such as BME, Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco Sabadell or Bankia, companies such as Correos, Cepsa, Gas Natural, Endesa or Iberdrola; communications such as Telefónica or Vodafone, firms such as Garrigues, Cuatrecasas or Roca Junyent, universities such as ICADE-ICAI or Politécnica of Barcelona and non-profit associations such as Española de Banca.


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