Ferrovial Construction signs new contract for ITER project


Reactor Termonuclear Experimental Internacional

Ferrovial Construction France and Fusion for Energy have extended their collaboration with the signing of the TB20 contract on the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project, one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today.

Under this contract, Ferrovial Construction and its technology partner Sommer will design, qualify, supply and install 215 nuclear doors in the Tokamak Complex (which houses the thermonuclear reactor), including the civil works required for their installation. The contract also includes the instrumentation and control equipment as well as the electrical installation required for commissioning and operation.

“We are very pleased with this new award within the ITER project, as it recognizes the work done during the bidding process by Ferrovial teams and external collaborators. This project, at the forefront of nuclear requirements, will allow us and our partner Sommer, to grow in the nuclear market, continue with our presence in the construction of ITER in the coming years and place us in an optimal way for future contracts pending to be bidded within this same project,” said Alberto Sánchez, ITER Director for Ferrovial Construction.

This new contract strengthens Ferrovial Construction’s position as a strategic partner of the European agency Fusion for Energy, reinforces the company’s position in the energy sector in general and extends its presence in nuclear fusion research.


About  ITER project

ITER, currently under construction in France, is a collaborative scientific project in which 35 nations are working to build the world’s largest fusion reactor, a device designed to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale source of energy through alternative fuels, without generating long-lived radioactive waste and without carbon emissions, based on the same principle that drives the reactions occurring in the sun and stars.

Thousands of engineers and scientists have contributed to the design of  ITER since the idea of an international joint experiment in fusion was first launched in 1985. The ITER experimental campaign is crucial to advancing fusion science and paving the way for the fusion power plants of tomorrow. “Now is the time to promote this new technology, which is totally disruptive with respect to fission, cheap, with endless fuel and safe, as there is no possibility of its energy generation process getting out of control,” said Xavier Ros, Project Director at Ferrovial Construction.


ITER wins “Construction of the Year 2022” award

The team behind ITER has been awarded the “Best Construction History Project of the Year 2022” award by TheB1M, the construction video channel with the most subscribers and views in the world (more than 20 million monthly views).”


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