Ferrovial joins forces with Plan España to refurbish a school in Uganda


As part of its social action strategy, included in its Plan 20.13 CR program Ferrovial has refurbished a primary school in Apokor, Uganda, in cooperation with Plan España. The school, which dates back to the colonial era, currently caters to more than 1,000 students in its four classrooms and is a leading educational center in the county. The roof had been partly demolished and the school was in danger of collapsing completely. In fact, school had to be cancelled when it rained. The Plan España project on which Ferrovial cooperated included in-depth refurbishment of the building. In addition to fixing the roof, the entire building structure was reinforced to ensure durability. The funding for this project arose from participation in the Employee Satisfaction Survey: Ferrovial agreed to contribute one euro for every employee that completed the survey. Silvia Lázaro, Head of Internal Communication and Employee Corporate Responsibility at Ferrovial: "This is an excellent initiative. Through the Employee Satisfaction Survey, which focuses on the creation and implementation of plans to improve in-house working conditions, we were able to contribute to the development of a solidarity project." Ferrovial's previous employee survey financed the construction of a classroom in an orphanage in Tanzania. Manuel Costa, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Institutional Relations for Ferrovial: "The project is aligned with our Social Infrastructure program, which seeks to improve living standards in developing countries by building, maintaining and refurbishing infrastructure. This joint project between Plan España and Ferrovial will ensure schooling for more than 1,000 children in Uganda."


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