Ferrovial Launches ‘Foresight’, the Open Innovation Platform to Explore the Future of Transport Infrastructure


Ferrovial Launches ‘Foresight’, the Disruptive Innovation Platform to Explore and Build with its Ecosystem the Future of Transport Infrastructure and Mobility
  • The company has created a digital space to share innovation trends, knowledge and new technologies with clients, startups and venture capital
  • This program was born from Ferrovial’s Innovation Strategy Plan to anticipate and explore new trends and future opportunities on Mobility

Ferrovial has launched its new innovation platform, ‘Foresight’, during the South Summit event on innovation and entrepreneurship. This new program will help the company explore the future of transportation infrastructure and mobility. Foresight was born to create a digital space, together with the innovation ecosystem (clients, startups and other agents in the sector), to share knowledge and trends to anticipate and transform the future and face big social, economic and environmental challenges.

“One of our pillars in innovation is to anticipate and explore the future trends and opportunities in our sector, where the scenarios could be changing, complex and uncertain. Foresight creates a space to participate and collaborate with Ferrovial ecosystem, which will allow us to bring together different perspectives of the challenges we face.”

The platform will include different contents, such as:

  • Scenario Planning, ‘What If…?’, where Ferrovial analyzes disruptive scenarios that could be a reality in the next 5-10 years. The first pieces of content on the platform will be dedicated to Hyperloops (with the technical assistance of the North American startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) and Urban Air Mobility.
  • Innovation Insight, where the company will include innovation market trends, new technologies and business models.
  • Corporate Venturing, where Ferrovial will launch its open innovation programs, aiming to accelerate its innovation process by collaborations with startups.

Foresight will be a key tool to anticipate the future, share information and knowledge with different agents in the sector, identify opportunities and risks, and improve decision-making processes in the company.

If you want to learn more and you are interested in collaborating, visit Foresight.


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