Ferrovial Services launches KUIKO, the first digital platform for SMEs and facility management professionals



KUIKO is born from the calling to connect the best local professionals and solutions with the different needs of SMEs simply, transparently, and flexibly.

Ferrovial Services presents KUIKO, the first digital B2B (Business to Business) platform for facility management in Spain. Its goal is to make the activity of the more than 1.4 million SMEs in Spain easier and more dynamic, allowing them to find, compare, and hire their maintenance, cleaning, and remodeling services with recognized providers. This new platform comes with guarantees and the trust that comes with being backed by a large company like Ferrovial Services, which has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Similarly, this platform will increase the dynamic nature of the field of facility services business (plumbing, locksmiths, carpentry, electricity, cleaning, works and reforms, fire prevention, etc.) by providing them with a platform for dissemination and direct contact with their potential clients.

KUIKO is born from the calling to connect the best local professionals and solutions with the different needs of SMEs simply, transparently, and flexibly, which will provide them with greater efficiency in management, as well as higher profitability for their businesses. At the same time registered providers will see their volume of business increase. At the same time that they are ensured payment for services rendered, they decrease their commercial visits, and they lower costs for preparing offers.

"the search for specific providers of this type of services for a recurring or one-time need in a fragmented market that is lacking in references, becomes difficult for SMEs. Through its new online management, comparison, and hiring platform for these services, KUIKO will provide a stable framework for interaction in an ecosystem of providers and clients."

Ferrovial Services has chosen Alicante as the first location where KUIKO will be launched, and then it will expand to other provinces. KUIKO will also be increasing its portfolio of services as the number of approved professionals grows and new demand from clients is detected.

Commitment to innovation

Ferrovial is committed to innovation as a key element in leading the transformation of infrastructure and services, offering solutions that contribute to the welfare and progress of society in an efficient, sustainable, safe way. The company promotes innovative solutions by efficiently offering urban and environmental services, as well as maintaining infrastructure, meeting present and future demands of clients as well as citizens.


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