• The search for start-ups with disruptive projects who want to transform the construction sector and work with Ferrovial in developing their ideas begins
  • The challenge of this third call for proposals aims to find innovative solutions for studying and analysing land.
  • Registration will be open on the program website until 13 November.

It’s the start of the third edition of Build Up!, the open innovation initiative promoted by Ferrovial to find national and international start-ups who we can work with on developing solutions that improve our methods, products or services. It is a program through which the multinational intends to approach the brightest entrepreneurs to connect them with the organization, accelerate their innovation process and position itself as the digital transformation leader for infrastructure in the 21st century.

Ferrovial has so far held two editions of Build Up! and this is the third call for proposals that we have organized. Every year the company launches a different challenge from one of its four business units in search of start-ups with technological solutions that can solve it. On this occasion, the company is embarking on a new challenge that will allow us to improve the services of Ferrovial Agroman, the business unit dedicated to the construction of civil and industrial projects.

The launch of the 2019 edition took place during the South Summit in Madrid, where the latest news on the program was made public. The challenge for this third edition will focus on looking for innovative solutions for studying and analysing the land on which building work is undertaken.

“The rapid development of geotechnics, the science that is used for the study and planning of civil works, has allowed the creation of modern virtual tools, which are also called numerical models”

“This technology is now advancing much faster than traditional land research techniques, which do not allow us to precisely understand the impact that the ground will have on a construction project”

The expert adds that the advent of these models will make it possible to better study the complex situations that they face on a daily basis, but to get to this it is necessary to measure a number of parameters specific to the land that traditional investigation techniques are not able to provide.

With Build Up!, Ferrovial hopes to find advanced tools that provide accurate data (ground cohesion, permeability, resistance and elasticity, among others) that require the virtual models that are in use today, in order to understand the behaviour of land in real time. For this reason they pose the following question to those start-ups interested in participating: How could we understand and characterize more precisely the ground on which we build to optimize the design, planning and execution of construction projects?

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs working in any technological area who have developed products or services that are able to resolve the challenge. Ferrovial is particularly looking to collaborate with start-ups that are at an advanced stage of maturity with a functional prototype of their solution, and also with spin-offs resulting from university research that have technology that has been proven in a laboratory.

The winner of this initiative will be chosen on Launch Day, the final event where Ferrovial’s Innovation Management team and experts from the business unit responsible for the challenge will select the best start-up. They will then be able to conceptualize, develop and implement their solution with Ferrovial. In addition, they will receive funding to cover expenses related to the development of the pilot and will benefit from access to the company’s international network of customers and suppliers. It is a unique opportunity to connect and work hand-in-hand with a multinational reference in the infrastructure sector, with more than 90,000 employees, a presence in 6 major markets and a listing on the IBEX 35.

Those interested in taking the plunge to resolve this challenge will be able to participate via the Build Up! website. The competition will be open for applications until 13 November. All the information about the program and its progress will be available on Ferrovial’s social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Ferrovial is one of the world’s leading operators of infrastructure and service management for cities, committed to the development of sustainable solutions. The company has 96,000 employees and a presence in 20 countries. Its areas of activity focus on: Services, Roads, Construction and Airports. The company is listed on the IBEX 35, is part of the sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good, and applies in all its operations the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, signed by the company in 2002.

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