Ferrovial rolls out Wondo for companies, its new mobility service to facilitate the return to the office


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  • Wondo is a more convenient, efficient and sustainable form of transport, as well as being safer.
  • It offers a new benefit for employees on their commute
  • The service, which encompasses mass transit, taxis, and car and scooter sharing, offers discounts to its users

Ferrovial has launched Wondo for companies, a new service to help employees as they return to the office after a year of teleworking. The solution, integrated into the Wondo app, enables employers to care for their employees by offering discounts on the range of transport options covered by the platform. This enables users to choose the safest and most convenient, efficient and sustainable transport option.

Teleworking offers many advantages for work-life balance but it can also limit the production of new ideas. For this reason, many companies are opting for a hybrid approach, where the office is seen as the point for exchanging ideas, collaborating and learning.

This paradigm shift is obliging employers to address new issues associated with work. Employers offer a range of benefits for employees, from training to creche vouchers and gym discounts, but mobility was one of the missing factors up to now. This new service plays a key role in caring for employees during their commute, by avoiding part of the negative experience often associated with the traffic jams, the high cost of car ownership, and the time it takes to commute.

An approach that is here to stay

Car use is declining, to be replaced by alternatives that have lower maintenance costs and are more environmentally-friendly, as well as being faster and more effective; this trend accelerated as a result of the pandemic. Cities are increasingly creating car-free zones and bicycle lanes, with the result that many citizens are rethinking the need for a car and companies are reviewing their fleet policies.

Wondo for companies offers users more autonomy since they can take a taxi to work but get home using a Zity car, depending on their needs. The platform integrates public transport, taxis, and car and scooter sharing, all accessible in the same app; and there are special discounts for employers that adopt it for their workforce. Wondo for companies also plans to expand its range of services.

In addition to easing the return to the office and helping employers attract and retain talent by caring for employees in connection with a common source of annoyance, the service enables employers to enhance their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by making the commute less polluting, cutting the number of vehicles on the roads, and using less car park space.

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