Carbon Disclosure Project positions Ferrovial as a leader in action against climate change


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For the ninth consecutive year, Ferrovial is in the prestigious group of companies that have earned an “A” rating in Climate change, companies that are outstanding for the measures they’ve taken during 2018 to reduce emissions, mitigate the risks of climate change, and foster a low-carbon economy.

Carbon Disclosure Project, also called CDP, is the international non-profit organization that is urging companies and governments to reduce their emissions, safeguard their water resources, and protect forests. In addition, investors have made it the number one provider of climate research.

The process of earning CDP qualifications is done by filling out a questionnaire that includes information on the company’s position on climate change, risks and opportunities, reduction goals, methodologies, data reporting, energy consumption, supply chains, and carbon pricing. The companies receive a score ranging from A to F depending on how they are addressing climate change, deforestation, and water safety.

“Belonging to "CDP's A List" is a recognition of Ferrovial's strategy in terms of Climate Change. We've been pioneers in setting some tremendously ambitious goals for reducing emissions endorsed by the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative) and in integrating TCFD (The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) recommendations in our financial reports, particularly emphasizing risk analysis and opportunities related to Climate Change. In this sense, as we are aware that investment and funding is moving toward a low-emission economy, the company's portfolio of activities provides solutions that help our clients and users meet the Paris Accord's objectives, especially in terms of Water, Energy Efficiency, Cities, Circular Economy, Sustainable Infrastructure, and conservation of biodiversity”

Ferrovial leader in action against climate change

As for Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP, he says:

“As the seriousness of environmental risks for businesses is continually becoming clearer, these are the companies that are positioning themselves to offer solutions, take advantage of new opportunities in the market, and prosper in the transition to a sustainable economy. We urgently need to escalate environmental action at every level in order to meet the objectives of the Paris Accord and the Sustainable Development Goals. It´s clear that the business world is the essential piece in this transition, and the A-list cosmpanies are ready to make a substantial contribution to these goals.”


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