Ferrovial provides critical and essential services during the COVID-19 crisis


  • It delivers critical services like ambulance transport, hospital maintenance and cleaning, street cleaning, and waste collection and treatment, serving 25 million people.
  • It works with clients in Services and Construction, ensuring workers’ health and safety.
  • It is participating on a pro bono basis, along with other technology companies, in the application on Covid-19 being developed jointly with the Government of Spain and Madrid Regional Government

Ferrovial continues to deliver its services, which are classified as essential, after the declaration of the state of alarm due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These critical services include ambulance transport, hospital maintenance and cleaning, street cleaning, waste collection and treatment, road maintenance and energy services, all of which are essential for day-to-day operations.

Ferrovial professionals serve more than 25 million citizens throughout Spain. Over 8,000 employees work in the healthcare area, handling health emergency phone lines, providing cleaning and disinfection, and maintaining the country’s main hospitals and health centers, totaling more than 40,000 beds. They are also running ambulances, medical emergency response and home telecare services.

For this reason, where necessary, the company has stepped up efforts to address the current situation. Among other measures, it has increased the number of shifts and assigned more personnel. In addition, all employees work in accordance with the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization and the health authorities, and they have been supplied with appropriate personal protection equipment in spite of the great difficulties in procuring that material at present.

The Construction division has reached agreements with clients to halt some construction projects, while those that are still operational fulfill the authorities’ health and safety recommendations.

“We are grateful to our employees for their dedication, responsibility and solidarity in helping to minimize the impact of COVID-19,” said Ignacio Madridejos, CEO of Ferrovial. “We are firmly committed to both our clients and citizens; together we will overcome this crisis,” he added.

App against COVID-19

Ferrovial is working on a pro bono basis, alongside such companies as Telefónica, Goggo Network and Google, to develop www.coronamadrid.com website under the leadership of Carto, ForceManager and Mendesaltaren, at the service of the Madrid Regional Government and the Government of Spain .

An accompanying app for iOS and Android will be launched in the coming days, to ensure that this tool can be used and consulted widely using mobile devices.

The goal is for the tool to benefit as many people as possible. It allows users to access and complete questionnaires on coronavirus symptoms from their homes.

Geolocation features, if activated, make it possible to better organize healthcare resources to ensure an effective and rapid response in each case.



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