Ferrovial recognised for the Nelson Bay Road Upgrade Project, in Australia


Nelson Bay Road Australia
Ferrovial Agroman Australia has won a 2014 Construction Quality award for "Environmental performance and innovation". Held by the Roads and Maritime Service, the Award went to the Nelson Bay Road Upgrade Project for their innovative foundation treatment process. Nelson Bay Road is located in a heavily vegetated, coastal sand dune in the state of New South Wales. The project required over 90,000 metres2 of native vegetation to be cleared from the site, exposing the in-situ sandy foundation. Nelson Bay RoadFor works to move ahead, the project required grubbing to an approximate depth of 500mm using excavators with root rake attachments. Topsoil was then to be removed and the underlying subgrade ripped and re-compacted before being overlaid with imported fill. Always searching for innovative solutions, the project team devised an alternative method by using a shaker bucket attached to an excavator. Once the finer roots were sieved using the new attachment, the in-situ sandy material was re-compacted tested and proof rolled.   SUSTAINABILITY This new approach resulted in 18,000 metres3 of material bypassing landfill, greatly reducing the Project’s carbon emissions and delivering significant savings for the client. This innovative method is suitable for consideration in sandy soils where it is necessary to remove harmful material. “Australia is home to some of the world’s most diverse wildlife and fauna. As a country it understands the importance of protecting its unique environment and this is best reflected in the regulations on the industry. By winning this award the client acknowledges we are exceeding these expectations on our first project in the country. Together with our partners and subcontractors we are building a reputation which will open doors in the future and lead to more exciting opportunities.” Enrique Blanco, Managing Director Ferrovial Agroman Australia.


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