Ferrovial Services and Soñar Despierto work together to integrate and inspire young people at risk of social exclusion into the workplace


Fundación Soñar Despierto y la inserción laboral
Ferrovial Services, in its commitment to the welfare of its employees and social action, has collaborated for the second year in a row with the Soñar Despierto Foundation in its Dream Big programme, aimed at motivating and inspiring youngsters living in refuges. The main goal of the programme is to encourage youngsters coming of age to study, offering the necessary tools for their labour market integration and to allow them to become autonomous in both economic and functional terms. For this reason, the programme ends every year with an Employment Fair, in which different professionals give their advice and talk about their experiences in the world of work. The roles and responsibilities of various professions were discussed during the celebration of the second edition of the fair and small stands were created by the professions in which workshops related to different professions were given. In this edition, over 30 youngsters participated and enjoyed the exhibitions of 11 professionals of Ferrovial Services, such as electricians, hostesses or gardeners, where these professionals explained and showed how to cut hedges or how to handle the passengers of the AVE, among other activities. The goal of the fair and, in particular, of the collaboration between the volunteers of Ferrovial Services and the Soñar Despierto Foundation is to establish links between children and youngsters at a risk of social exclusion through the figure of volunteers, who become references for them. Soñar Despierto Foundation Soñar Despierto is a foundation that helps youngsters at a risk of social exclusion living in refuges in the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville. It has been offering weekend excursions, academic supports during the evenings and organised large events over the past 10 years. Youngsters living in refuges come from broken homes. The state acts as their guardian and fights to offer a second opportunity to these youngsters. Currently, 700 youngsters benefit from the protection of the foundation only in Madrid, thanks to the work of more than 250 volunteers that visit the 20 refuges every week.


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