Ferrovial Services carries out research on recovery of plastic waste


recycling of plastic waste r3born

Ferrovial Services’ Centre of Excellence for the Environment is part of the R3BORN project which is researching ways of turning plastic waste into new raw materials.

Ferrovial Services, as part of its commitment to the environment and development of the Circular Economy, is involved in the “R3BORN” research project (Development of an innovative system for reuse and recycling of plastic waste) for the recovery of plastic waste. This initiative focuses on the treatment of mixed plastic – i.e. plastic manufactured using a combination of different plastic polymers, and as such one of the most difficult materials to recycle – with the aim of creating new ways of recovering plastic waste to avoid dumping in landfills. Plastic waste handled in company contracts for waste disposal and treatment would thus be turned into new raw materials.

Identification of recoverable polymers

The first stage of the project, which was finalised at the close of 2016, covered the identification of groups of polymers present in the waste flow which are potentially recoverable but currently end up in landfill. In a second stage, due to be completed at the close of 2017, research will be undertaken with the potentially recoverable materials identified. This second stage aims to improve the systems used for detecting and separating waste in order to obtain the mixed plastics on which the project is based.

As part of the project, “R3BORN” will develop an innovative range of additives applied through masterbatches (polymer colouring system). These are used when recycling plastics for the manufacture of household waste containers, plastic seating, etc.

 Waste research project

Ferrovial Services is developing this project with five other companies: Calaf Industrial, Contenur, Figueres, Cromogenia and Galloplast, and two technological research centres, Leitat and Ci3, with funding from the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) through a grant from the European Regional Development Fund.

Centre of Excellence for the Environment

Ferrovial Services’ Centre of Excellence for the Environment provides comprehensive technical support throughout the full life cycle of environmental assets, from the initial study, through to adaptation of design, tendering, supervision during construction and ongoing operational assistance, in addition to research and development of waste management, treatment and recovery solutions.


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