Ferrovial Services Celebrates the Conference "Citizens and Businesses in the New Digital Age" in Vitoria-Gasteiz


Ferrovial Services Celebrates the Conference

Technology at the service of citizens and digital transformation in the fabric of business was at the heart of the conference “Citizens and Businesses in the New Digital Age,” organized by Ferrovial Services in the Basque capital. Its sights are set on the challenges and opportunities that digitization offers, as well as sharing its vision with the main institutional and business entities in the Basque Country.

Ignacio Aresti, the regional manager of Local Administrations at Ferrovial Services, participated in the event, along with other notable attendees: the PNV’s Deputy General in Alava, Ramiro González; and Gorka Urtaran, the mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz. In addition, several professionals from Ferrovial Services in areas related to digitization, innovation, and its implementation at businesses and for citizens were in attendance, along with spokespeople from the company’s clients, such as Iberdrola, BIC, and SEA.

moment of the intervention of Gorka Urtaran in the day

Vitoria-Gasteiz´s mayor, Gorka Urtaran, noted that the economy´s digitization is essential, highlighting his city as a guarantee of the digital transformation process, thanks to the essential knowledge that is being shared in the major training centers in Vitoria. He concluded his speech by emphasizing:

“The present and the future of the industry are inevitably shaped by the digital transformation process that we’re currently experiencing. Therefore, it is necessary for both citizens and companies to be prepared to adjust to the changes that are to come.”

Aprende a pronunciar Roundtable on the

As for the regional manager of Local Administrations for Ferrovial Services, Ignacio Aresti stressed the need to establish constant dialogue in order to attain a better society for everyone that is based on a model of trust and collaboration with all involved parties, as well as on real commitment to residents´ quality of life.

“Digital transformation is a key element that we´re dealing with in a very significant way. In our area, there are major leading companies at the international level alongside small and medium businesses that we at the Administration must support in order to lead this digitization process at all levels. Our strength in industry will be in jeopardy if we don´t execute this transformation process in collaboration with all of the actors involved”

moment of the intervention of Ramiro Gonzalez in the day

The conference covered topics such as the need to put technology at the service of residents through innovation, and understanding behaviors of society and the digital transformation in the energy sector. To do so, it will be essential to be able to rely on businesses, citizens, local administrations, technology, and the environment. In addition, the role of digitization as an engine for companies was also on the table with the example of Kuiko, Ferrovial Services’ platform to connect qualified professionals with SMEs’ various needs.


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