Ferrovial Services is committed to environmental awareness in Arrecife


environmental awareness green areas in canary islands
The company is contributing to Arrecife with public environmental awareness campaigns to make it a more environmentally sustainable municipality with everyone's help. Ferrovial Services has been awarded the contract for the creation, conservation, cleaning and maintenance of parks, gardens and green areas of the municipality of Arrecife, capital of Lanzarote. The eight-year contract covers the maintenance of 446,755 square meters of green areas in the island's capital. The service includes most tasks to be carried out in municipal green areas, fundamentally in terms of pruning, maintenance, cleaning, cutting, seasonal flower planting, and replacement of lost specimens, planting of new municipal areas, palm tree works, irrigation and application of phytosanitary products. In the composting area, all plant waste from pruning, mowing and cutting of municipal green areas will be accepted, instead of disposing this waste at the landfill. This will help reduce the insular problem regarding the amount of waste generated.

Efficient water use

Ferrovial Services wants to make Arrecife a more sustainable municipality with everyone's help. To this end, it guarantees the correct administration of water as a priority for the conservation of the environment and saving this scarce asset on the island of Lanzarote. Improvements will also be made to the irrigation network, adapting it for the use of recycled water, reducing its cost and making efficient use.

Ferrovial Services commits to citizen environmental awareness in Arrecife

Arrecife citizens can participate actively in the continuous improvement of their city through the "Avisaweb" incident alert service. Through this portal, citizens can register any type of incident observed in their day-to-day lives and bring it to the attention of the service to be fixed. Along these same lines, communication and awareness raising campaigns will be carried out, which are aimed at raising awareness of citizens regarding respect and care of green areas and proper management of waste. These actions are a clear example of Ferrovial Services' commitment to environmental awareness, through which it encourages the adaptation and evolution of cities from a framework of efficiency of natural resources and sustainability.


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