Ferrovial Services launches the b2in website for its RENFE on-board train services


Servicio a bordo B2IN de Ferrovial en Renfe AVE
With the aim of improving onboard services and catering on Renfe trains, Ferrovial Services had developed the new website B2IN. 
As part of its contract with RENFE, Ferrovial Services is responsible for onboard services and catering on the rail operator’s AVE (high speed) and long distance trains. The need to interact with clients has led to the creation of a website as a communications tool for the on-board services “b2in” brand, which covers cafeterias and trolley bars. Click here to visit the new b2in website. The aim of this new online platform is to enhance client service and improve on-board quality standards. This new website will provide passengers with information on the food available both in the train cafeterias and from the trolley bar, as well as information on all on-board services (special meals, group services, etc.). With the added convenience that the website can be checked either before travelling, or directly from their seat once on board the train. Passengers will also be able to buy products online before travelling, such as a “Fun Pack” (Pack Diversión) for children.

Ferrovial Services and RENFE

Since 2013 Ferrovial Services has provided on-board customer services on RENFE’s high speed (AVE) and long distance trains throughout Spain. The contract covers services such as transport logistics, greeting passengers as they board and leave the trains, and catering services. Ferrovial’s service provision is based on two core premises: maximum efficiency in service delivery, enhancing the quality offered to users, and aligning company interests with those of RENFE as long-term strategic partners. Ferrovial Services is experienced in delivering services for the transport infrastructure sector in Spain, with companies such as ADIF, Iberia, Metro de Madrid and AENA as its clients. Visit the b2in website here.


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