Ferrovial Services Sets the RE+ Project in Motion


Ferrovial Services Sets the RE+ Project in Motion

Ferrovial Services will have a selective collection model that will allow them to reach the set European objectives regarding 55% of recycling by the year 2025.

An internal committee of experts is analyzing the rates of recycling and municipalities managed by the company in order to improve selective pickup.

The RE+ project, promoted by Local Administrations management at Ferrovial Services Spain, arose as an answer to comply with European Regulation 2018/851 and its related objectives, approved in May 2018. They move toward circular economy and set a minimal recycling rate of 55%, which should be achieved by 2025 and increase year-by-year until reaching 60% in 2035. Under this legal framework, an internal committee of experts has been created to work on a collection model based on a catalog of solutions, which will allow us to put tools in the hands of our clients in order to achieve the required rates in Europe. This team is analyzing recycling rates and the contracts that Ferrovial Services manages in Spain, and it is designing different innovative solutions for waste collection services by using a simulator.

The RE+ team is made up of representatives from Local Administrations management, from the Hiring department, and from the Centres of Excellence for Cities and the Environment.

After performing a previous analysis, the panel of experts is performing pilot tests for the purpose of increasing recycling rates in the collection contracts, and, after being verified, finding ways to offer them in valid service modifications or in new bidding processes that allow improvements in billing and in contract margins. Currently, there are three pilots underway, in Getxo, Vizcaya, Consorcio As Mariñas, A Coruña, and Aranjuez in Madrid. In each project, different solutions are being tested. Once tested, they will be able to be extrapolated to other clients.

At the Centre for Excellence for Asset Management, a mathematical model simulating collection systems with different increments is being studied, and the Digital Hub is collaborating on the development of an application that connects citizens with their waste and their contributions to recycling in their city.

With a new model for a differential, selective collection service, Ferrovial Services will contribute to improving the recycling rates of our clients and incentivize citizens to move forward on the path to circular economy.



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