Ferrovial Services reuses 15,000 tonnes of waste material at the Ford factory in Spain


The company has achieved its target of 'Landfill=0' at Ford’s facilities in Valencia:  it has cut down to zero the amount of waste materials going to landfill
In just under a year, Ferrovial Services has achieved its target of not sending any waste materials to landfill (Target “Landfill=0”) at Ford’s facilities in Almussafes. The company has thus fulfilled Ford Europe’s corporate environmental target at its Valencia factory. Ferrovial Services’ new total waste management contract has allowed reuse of 15,292 tonnes of waste materials per year (2015) which previously went to landfill or elsewhere. To achieve this, it has put in place pioneering measures, such as the development of an alternative fuel using non-recyclable waste. Ferrovial Services took on this new total waste management contract at Ford’s factory in Valencia in 2015, although it has been providing environmental services at the plant since 1997. Ferrovial Services has an operational and logistics centre within the facilities, which allow it to collect, transport and manage all dangerous and non-dangerous waste for the entire factory.

Commitment to the circular economy

The project for zero waste to landfill at the Ford factory is yet another example of Ferrovial Services’ commitment to the circular economy. Through reuse of materials which were previously considered non-treatable waste, the company adds value and contributes to sustainable growth.​ Read more in the Ferrovial Blog about the circular economy in articles The circular economy: the value of waste by expert Paco Hevia and What is the circular economy? Give new life to your things and complete the circle.


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