Ferrovial to collaborate with Fundación ONCE in hiring people with disabilities


A three-year agreement to hire 46 disabled persons

Madrid, 23 April 2003. Ferrovial (through its services subsidiary) and Fundación ONCE have signed a collaboration agreement through which Ferrovial Servicios (Ferroser) undertakes to hire 46 disabled persons in the next three years via the INSERTA program.

The agreement was signed by Jaime de Aguirre, Ferrovial´s General Manager for Human Resources; Agustín González, Human Resources Manager at Ferrovial´s services division; and Alberto Durán, General Manager of Fundación ONCE.

According to Jaime de Aguirre, General Manager for Human Resources at Ferrovial: this collaboration forms part of Ferrovial´s Strategic Community Action Plan, which includes training and employment of disadvantaged and/or disabled people as one of its main programs.

Alberto Durán, General Manager of Fundación ONCE, is pleased to add Ferrovial to the list of large Spanish companies that have signed INSERTA agreements to bring people with disabilities into the labor market.

Fundosa Grupo, Fundación ONCEs holding company, currently employs 11,300 people, 69% of whom have some form of disability. Fundación ONCE has signed close to 40 INSERTA agreements with other companies.

Ferrovial´s commitment to training and social integration
Ferrovial´s Strategic Community Action Plan defines the policies, objectives and programs for community actions in order to improve the alignment of its activities with its strategic priorities, rationalize and optimize management, and define its medium-term commitments.

This plan has six main programs: employment (support for training and employment of disabled and/or disadvantaged people); priority for community projects (over cultural, sports or heritage conservation projects); services (refurbishments of installations for community projects); accessibility (in buildings and project execution where possible); employees (enable them to participate in community actions); and promotion of community projects in business.

In 2002, Ferrovial joined the Board of Trustees of Fundación Integra in order to support the insertion into the labor market of persons at risk of social exclusion, especially drug addicts, prisoners, battered women and minors with difficulties.

In 2002, Ferrovial also joined The Global Compact, an initiative fostered by the United Nations through which it undertakes to stimulate and respect nine universal principles regarding human rights, labor regulations and environmental protection.

Ferrovial is also the first Spanish construction group to form part of the Dow Jones Sustainability indexes, one of the worlds leading benchmarks for companies committed to sustainability (economic, social and environmental).

Moreover, for the second consecutive year, Ferrovial has published an annual report which, in addition to the economic information, financial statements and management report, includes its policy, commitment and main actions in environmental issues and community actions, in accordance with the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


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