Ferrovial to work with Intermon Oxfam and Amref in developing water infrastructure in Burkina Faso and Tanzania


Within its "Stronger Together" Corporate Responsibility program, Ferrovial today signed an agreement with Intermon Oxfam to develop an irrigation system in Burkina Faso. The company will also work with Amref Flying Doctors to build water infrastructure in Tanzania. Ferrovial's total contribution to these two projects is over 96,000 euro. The signing ceremony was attended by Gloria Bigné, Intermon Oxfam Territorial Manager for Madrid and Central Spain; Alfonso Rodríguez Maroto, General Manager of Amref; Jaime Aguirre, Ferrovial Human Resources Manager; and Juan Francisco Polo, Ferrovial Head of Communication and Corporate Responsibility. Irrigation system in Burkina Faso Ferrovial is to work with Intermon Oxfam to develop an irrigation system with a view to promoting market gardening in the Kossouka, Ouagadougou y Zitenga municipalities, in the center and north of the country. In this region, 80% of the population suffers from malnutrition since food production is sparse and not very diversified, affected by frequent natural disasters such as droughts and floods. To solve this problem, Intermon Oxfam implemented a program to support market gardening with a view to enriching farmers' diets and generating income. The gardens need a secure water supply to tide them over the dry season. With Intermon Oxfam, Ferrovial will install four ponds, to which 15 drip irrigation kits each covering 500 square meters will be connected. It will also dig 15 high-capacity wells (20-25 m3).A total of 318 families will benefit from the project, to which Ferrovial will allocate 70,000 euro. Water infrastructure in Tanzania Ferrovial will donate over 26,000 euro to Amref Flying Doctors for the cost of infrastructure to guarantee access to clean water in the Serengeti, in Tanzania. This is the second phase of the Maji ni Uhai water supply and sewer project on which Ferrovial volunteers have been working for the last three years. "Stronger Together" in India, Madagascar, Peru, Chad and Lebanon Through the "Stronger Together" corporate responsibility program, Ferrovial matches employee donations to development projects. Each year, a committee of experts selects the best candidate projects, and employees vote on the ones to receive their donations. To date, the program has assisted with building schools in India, Madagascar and Burundi, a hospital in Peru, well-digging in Chad, and food security in Lebanon.


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