Getxo, Managed by Ferrovial Services, Keeps Its Place Among the Cleanest Cities in Spain


Getxo, Managed by Ferrovial Services, Keeps Its Place Among the Cleanest Cities in Spain

The Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) has published a new report, the sixth edition in its history, on its study of roadway cleanliness in Spanish cities.

Residents of 60 cities gave their opinions on the state of their streets.

Getxo, whose roadway cleaning service is managed by Ferrovial Services, ranked among the cleanest cities in the country.

The study looked at all the province capitals and 10 more cities, which was determined by the number of inhabitants. To carry out this study, the OCU collected responses from 5,260 residents, who rated the most significant aspects of a city’s cleanliness, as well as objective data provided by city councils.

Residents expressed their opinions on the level of cleanliness on streets and sidewalks, the state of parks and gardens, animal waste, the areas around dumpsters, pollution, and the cleanliness of suburban neighborhoods, as well as other factors.

Getxo, which had a rating of 71 out of 100, ranks as the sixth cleanest city in Spain, according to ratings from its citizens, and it has held onto this ranking for several years, having received the same classification in the previous study, which was done in 2015.

The cleanliness of Pontevedra and Barcelona, which are also managed by Ferrovial Services, received average ratings of 59 out of 100 (Pontevedra) and 51 out of 100 (Barcelona).

Pontevedra came in second for improving its rating

Granada and Murcia, two more cities whose cleaning services are handled by the company, also received average ratings, both with a score of 48 put of 100. As for Madrid, it has improved slightly by three points when compared to the previous study.

Pontevedra came in second after Bilbao for improving its rating with respect to roadway cleanliness over almost 25 years, compared to the OCU’s first study, which was conducted in 1995.


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