Inauguration of the Bridge of the Concord in Madrid


Inauguración Puente de la Concordia - Valdebebas - marzo 2022 - 5

The Bridge of the Concord (over the M-12) is now ready to welcome and bid farewell to all those entering and leaving Madrid from the airport.

This work of engineering with an aerospace design (it simulates the wings of an airplane) and avant-garde aesthetics is currently the longest bridge between supports in the Community of Madrid at 214 meters long.

The inauguration, held on March 9th, was attended, among other authorities, by the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who is convinced that this structure will become an icon of the capital, the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís and the manager of the Valdebebas Compensation Board, Marcos Sánchez.

The inauguration ceremony was attended, among other media, by Telemadrid News, which interviewed Enrique Corrochano, Ferrovial’s construction manager. Other media, in addition to TeleMadrid, came to the vicinity of the bridge to cover the news.

Engineering with aerospace design

The uniqueness of this infrastructure, which connects Valdebebas and T-4, is its ability to stand without falling and with hardly any intermediate support, and which has already been recognized in the country’s main media as an achievement of Spanish engineering.

The most relevant formal aspect of the design is developed from a permeable structural mesh from which the arch deck hangs. This mesh guarantees the necessary visual transparency and generates a play of light and transparency that varies according to the different points of view.

The bridge was built on one side of the M-12 and then the central part was moved over this road in what was the biggest milestone in the construction process. The moving maneuver took six days last April when the central section of the 130 meters long, 25-meters wide, 2,400-tonne bridge was installed.

This project has become the main connection between the urban development of Valdebebas, in the northwest of Madrid, and Terminal 4 of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. This new gateway to and from Madrid will be a key logistical point in the region, as the Government of the Community of Madrid wants to promote Barajas and the Corredor del Henares as a global logistics hub.


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