Innovation and trends in the energy efficiency sector


eficiencia energetica - energetic efficiency
Professionals from Spain, the UK, Chile, Poland and Australia have taken part in a forum organised by the Centre of Excellence for Energy and FM, focusing on future trends in the field of energy efficiency.
The Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management recently brought together more than 50 professionals from five countries (Spain, the UK, Poland, Chile and Australia) to discuss current and future trends in the energy efficiency market. The aim of this forum, which was held in the framework of the SUMMA Corporate University, was to share best practice through experts from the company’s different divisions. The forum also benefitted from the views of current and potential clients of Ferrovial Services such as General Motors and Philips. Juan Ignacio Beltrán, Director of the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management, opened the session with a global overview of Ferrovial Services’ main projects and challenges in this field. “Energy efficiency is a priority for both the public administration and the private sector due to potential savings and required adaptation to new regulations." And adds:
"It is a strategic market with a strong growth perspective in all the locations in which we work. Our aim is to offer distinctive solutions, while at the same time streamlining operations through innovation and the use of technology.”
David Pocero, Special Projects and Development Manager for the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management, offered his views on the global energy market, its potential evolution in the short term, and its influence on energy efficiency. James Chandler, Head of Energy Efficiency for the Centre in the UK, spoke of the importance of energy efficiency in Britain, especially for strategic clients such as the Home Office; and Barry Hale, Lighting Manager for Amey, detailed his experiences in public lighting management in the British market.

Innovation for optimising energy consumption

Miguel Prieto, Technical Office and Innovation Manager for the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management, closed the event in a roundtable discussion with clients General Motors and Philips, facilitated by Aitor Larrabe, Talent Manager at Ferrovial. Prieto shared two innovation initiatives that the Centre of Excellence is currently working on: the “HEFESTO” project, which consists in connecting all the devices used in energy services contracts to a common platform for monitoring purposes; and a second project based on wearable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology – developed together with the MIT – which allows optimisation of energy services within buildings.

About the Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management

The Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management centres its activities on the delivery of innovative services in the fields of Energy and Facility Management. With regards to Energy, the Centre specialises in energy management in its widest sense, including the development of technologies for enhancing energy efficiency, for both public and private sector clients, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and hot water production, air-conditioning systems, optimisation of networks, or remote management. The Centre of Excellence also offers specific solutions for industry tailored to client operations and which allow for significant savings in energy costs in production plants. The Centre of Excellence also develops new integrated Facility Management services, covering end-to-end maintenance of buildings and facilities, ancillary services, call centre and customer care solutions, technical cleaning services, logistics, industrial technical services and transport services, amongst others. The purpose of the Centre of Excellence is to develop new technical capacities and distinctive solutions, create a network of experts, and promote global knowledge transfer and best practice linked to international cooperation between all business units and locations in which Ferrovial Services works. With innovation and sustainability as core priorities, the Centre provides support for the company’s entire business cycle, from strategic planning, business development and tendering processes to commissioning and operation of contracts. Depending on the services provided and the level of maturity of the markets in each country, the Centre adapts to the relevant context to offer customised support. Ferrovial discuss energy efficiency at forum


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