Internet of Radio and Light: Overcoming the limits of traditional Internet connections


internet connections innovation

Ferrovial Agroman’s R&D department has launched the Internet of Radio and Light project, which aims to develop a communication solution where the Internet connections will become an integral part of the existing lighting system.

Using the access points of existing lighting systems, the plan is to create an innovative Internet access network to improve the various problems with internet connections existing at present.

The goal is to ‘turn on’ a safer and customizable service, which minimises exposure to wireless Internet waves and radiation, provides a 90% energy saving compared with traditional systems, and overcomes current Internet limitations – such as access, particularly in interior locations like tunnels, or broadband in buildings. The Internet of Radio and Light also solves the issues of interference and line congestion linked to current Internet options, and will be able to offer speeds of over 10 gigas per second.

One of the project priorities for the company is the possibility of using the existing lights for the installation of Internet access points. This would result in a noticeable decrease in both costs and time when introducing Internet access in underground infrastructure works.

Moreover, this utility can potentially be applied in a wide variety of locations, from residential or office buildings to public buildings where Internet access is a shared resource, as well as shopping malls, underground and railway stations, and airports.

This project is financed by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 R&D programme, under Contract nbr. 761992.


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