Renovations will increase the capacity of the Legazpi container recycling plant to 25,000 tons


Recycling Plant Legazpi

The container recycling plant in Legazpi, Guipuzcoa, will receive a significant boost this year via an investment of two and a half million euros in the full renovation of the existing facilities and the refitting of the 1000 square metres of surface area that the plant currently occupies. The new facility will have the capacity to treat 25,000 tons of containers per year.

The incorporation of new machinery with cutting-edge technology will allow the plant to triple its capacity to some 25,000 tons of containers, which the plant separates and prepares for recycling. The quality and efficiency of the processes will also be improved in an effort to reduce the rejection and loss rates inherent to the activity.

The new facility will handle containers collected in the nearby municipalities of Debabarrena, Debagoiena, Urola Medio, Urola Kosta, Tolosaldea and Sasieta, where container recycling has increased significantly.

The renovations will also bring improvements to plant safety and working conditions, including LED lighting, thermal cameras, upgraded doors, sound-proofing and insulation, bigger changing areas, remodelling of office space, and the extension of the loading bay.

The facility will also be implementing a traveling environmental awareness-raising programme for school children in which teaching materials and equipment will be brought to the education centres in an effort to demonstrate how the plant recycles containers deposited in the yellow bins.


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