New 100% electric, zero emissions fleet at Heathrow Airport


Heathrow zero emisiones coches
The company has started using zero emission cars across projects to help Heathrow become the most sustainable airport in the world.
Ferrovial Agroman has incorporated the first vehicles of its new 100% electric fleet to their construction works at Heathrow airport. The vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries installed within the car. This means they are eco-friendly as they produce zero tailpipe emissions; a vital component in improving air quality in the area.
Ferrovial Agroman Project Director, Juan Pablo Perez, said: "The incorporation of zero emission cars to be used across our projects at Q6 demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and the environment. We at Ferrovial Agroman place great importance on excellence and respect –and these cars are further proof of this."
The new vehicles have an 80-mile-range and only need 30 minutes to charge 80% of their batteries if used in 'Rapid Charge' mode. They will use innovative moveable charging points instead of petrol or diesel fuel, and have automatic transmission. Heathrow Airside and Landside Delivery Director, Caroline Sheridan, commented:
"The arrival of these 3 new electric vehicles is an exciting demonstration on how projects at Heathrow can support our Sustainable Growth priority.  I am looking forward to see how we can start to move this forward and plant the standard at Heathrow."
Cutting costs on fuel prices will allow Ferrovial Agroman to focus more on spending within projects, for example on innovative technologies and improving sustainable practices. The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change estimate that by 2020, coal will only provide 11% of UK's electricity, making electric vehicles an increasingly viable option for an eco-friendly future.


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