New edition of Stronger Together (Juntos Sumamos) selects social projects by Manos Unidas, Fontilles and Aldeas Infantiles


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Ferrovial has announced the projects it will be supporting through its Social Responsibility programme Stronger Together (Juntos Sumamos). This new edition of the programme, which again sees participation by both company and employees, has raised €106,282.34. This amount will fully fund initiatives by Manos Unidas (€50,000) and the NGO Fontilles (€15,676), as well as a project submitted by Aldeas Infantiles [Children’s Villages] SOS Spain (€40,606.34).

The Stronger Together Programme

This social programme has been running since 2005, and is evidence of the commitment shared by Ferrovial and its employees to improve the living conditions of socially vulnerable persons. The programme funds international development projects, projects for the conservation of natural capital and biodiversity, and social projects in Spain. The programme budget is made up of payroll giving by Ferrovial employees, plus an amount donated by the company to match employee donations, in effect doubling the volume of funds. Ferrovial employees vote on the internet to decide what projects will be selected for funding.

Projects selected for this new edition

  • Improvement, refurbishment and provision of equipment for the medical centre in Bonneau (Haiti) – Manos Unidas
Manos Unidas is to refurbish the facilities of the Bonneau medical centre and supply equipment, to ensure that the population can receive quality health care in an appropriate setting. The project envisages the provision of a separate delivery room, which was before shared with A&E, and two wards with hospital beds. The facilities will also be provided with electricity.
  • Eradication of leprosy and improvement in the quality of life of people affected by leprosy in Bangalore (India) – NGO Fontilles
The NGO Fontilles will promote awareness-raising and the creation of self-help groups within the community. It will also provide training to health professionals in the early detection of leprosy and the treatment of identified cases in Bangalore, India. A key element of the project will be the provision of improved information on the danger signs, and disseminating the message that leprosy can be treated. This is crucial in the fight against this disease and the stigma that is associated with it in Indian society.
  • New day-care centre for vulnerable children and families at risk of social exclusion and conflict in Málaga – Aldeas Infantiles SOS Spain [SOS Children’s Villages]
A new day-care centre run by Aldeas Infantiles SOS in Málaga will provide support for vulnerable families with children aged between 3 and 12 at risk of social exclusion. The Centre will care for the integral development of the children through the provision of education and a strengthening of family and social support networks. The project will be implemented by the Aldeas Infantiles SOS organisation in Spain. Cooperation agreements were signed by Silvia Lázaro, Internal Communications, Engagement and Diversity Director, and Juan Francisco Polo, Director of Communications and Corporate Responsibility, on behalf of Ferrovial, and by Ricardo Loy Madera, Secretary General of Manos Unidas, José Manuel Amorós Muñoz, Director of Fontilles, and Luis Alberto Ramasco Puente, Image and Fundraising Director for Aldeas Infantiles.


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