North Tarrant Express, committed to safety


Ferrovial-Highway-USA-NTE Every year the United States holds a National Work Zone Awareness Week - NWZAW to raise drivers’ and workers’ awareness of mobility risks and safety in road construction zones. This year the workers of the North Tarrant Express highway took the chance to remind drivers on this road of the importance of paying attention and limiting their speed when they are driving along this highway or in any highway construction or maintenance zone. "People need to avoid distractions and pay special attention when they drive through construction zones, as these are regularly changing place," explained Robert Hinkle, Corporate Affairs Director at the NTE. "Speeding and any other types of distractions, such as using the mobile phone, are the main cause of accidents in construction zones. We must stop what we're doing, pay attention and try to protect our lives," he added. In Texas there are nearly 15,000 accidents per year and more than 100 people have died in highway construction and maintenance zones. In 2012 there were 3,962 accidents in Texas alone, caused by distracted drivers, involving 8,407 vehicles. 46 people died as a result of these collisions. "This initiative is an opportunity for our team to tell drivers about the importance of slowing down, being alert and keeping to the reduced speed limits in construction zones," said Hinkle. "It's all about protecting the lives of drivers and of the 1,800 professionals currently working on the construction of this highway. It's not worth putting other people's lives at risk for the sake of a meeting or phone call," he explained. Furthermore, since the construction of the highway started at the end of 2010, the NTE team has been supporting the "Don't text and drive" campaign, with radio adverts and billboards promoting safety in construction zones.


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