The OECC Awards Ferrovial the double seal for the Environment "Calculo y Reduzco 2018," related to carbon emissions


Road built by Ferrovial under the parameters of the fight against climate change

The Calculo y Reduzco seal granted by the Oficina Española de Cambio Climático certifies Ferrovial as a company committed to the environment in all its activities.

The volunteer registry at Ferrovial for carbon footprints, compensation, and absorption projects in the Spanish Office on Climate Change was recognized with the double seal, “Calculo y Reduzco 2018.” In order to promote calculating and reducing the carbon footprint by Spanish companies, in 2014 the OECC created this volunteer footprint registry, certified with the triple seal “Calculo, Reduzco, Compenso” (I Calculate, I Reduce, I Compensate), which belongs to the current Ministry for Ecological Transition.

The seal has two purposes: demonstrating participation from companies on the registry and reflecting their degree of commitment in the fight against climate change, recognized at three tiers: calculating, reducing, and compensating.

  • The first seal is granted to businesses for calculating their footprint and signing up in the “carbon footprint and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” section of the registry. Once the Ministry validates these calculations, the organization receives the seal (CALCULO).
  • Subsequently, the ministry evaluates if they have effectively fulfilled the commitments to reduction, in which case it is also shown on the seal (REDUZCO).
  • Lastly, the organization has the option of signing up in the “carbon footprint compensation” section through which they can compensate for their emissions through carbon dioxide absorption projects or even through other greenhouse gas emissions reductions recognized by the Ministry. (COMPENSO)

Thus, Ferrovial has obtained the double seal “Calculo y Reduzco 2018”. In addition, it has recently been awarded by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for being included in the Leadership Climate A list category, where it has appeared since 2010.

The Calculo y Reduzco seal grantedcertifies Ferrovial as a company committed to the environment

The importance of recording Carbon Footprints

Calculating and recording the Carbon Footprint with the OECC identifies Ferrovial as a business committed to the fight against climate change, giving it a clear competitive advantage in future biddings and public contracts.

Download the OECC certificate here


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