The Community of Madrid launches, together with Ferrovial and other technology companies, a pioneering website for coronavirus


Ferrovial Servicios Hospital Maintenance
  • is available today to give a more effective and personalized response
  • The system will allow users to examine symptoms and receive recommendations for action and will help to decongest the telephone hotlines
  • Díaz Ayuso has been involved in the implementation by maintaining contact with leading technology companies and health experts and the web
  • The web and its mobile application have been designed and prepared in record time and will not generate profit for any involved

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced today the entry into service of a pioneering regional government website on coronavirus (COVID-19) that will facilitate examining citizens and their possible ailments from their homes: This platform was born at the direct request of Díaz Ayuso, who has been involved in its implementation by contacting heads of leading technology companies, programmers, experts in mobile applications and health specialists.

In the upcoming days, the new technological tool offered by the regional executive will have an App format for iOS and Android systems, thus favoring its general use and consultation through mobile phones.

The objective is that its entry into operation benefits as many Madrid residents as possible using technology. The website allows geolocation to its users, provided they activate this functionality. This will allow better organization of health resources to achieve a more agile and effective response in each individual case.

This new tool will allow any citizen, from their home, to access and consult questionnaires that will examine the symptoms of coronavirus and the possible ailments they may have.

A Reality in a Record Time

Both the website and the mobile application derived from it have been prepared, designed and launched in record time thanks to the effort of the experts who have worked selflessly to bring it to fruition.

The Community of Madrid will imminently start an information campaign through the media, and other advertising platforms, to give it the widest possible distribution and make it known to the population as quickly as possible.

For this reason, this same objective requires the collaboration of the media, companies, institutions and groups—and citizens through their social networks—to support the dissemination of this new online tool already in service and the App that will also launch this week.

The collaboration of the Community of Madrid—through the General Directorate of Information Systems and Sanitary Equipment and the General Directorate of the Integrated Health Process—together with the technology sector in Spain, have allowed this project to be developed in a shortened time period. Three technology companies have led the project: Carto, ForceManager and Mendesaltaren. They have put their equipment and capabilities at the service of the Community of Madrid to develop it. The initiative also has the support and collaboration of the Telefónica, Goggo Network, Google and Ferrovial corporations.

Parallel to these online aids, Madrid residents continue to have the telephone number for consultation and information about the coronavirus available 24 hours a day: 900 102 112. For both services, the Community of Madrid calls for their responsible use.


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