Plactherm, SecuryKid and, the project winners of the last edition of Pasion>ie


proyectos ganadores pasion ie 2016
For the fifth year running, Ferrovial has participated in the Pasion>ie programme, led by Accenture and IE Business School, with the goal of strengthening links between the innovation community and the business sector.
With the goal of fostering the collaboration between entrepreneurs and large companies, the fifth edition of the competition Pasión > ie  was launched in October 2015, in which different solutions aspiring to resolve and improve specific challenges of the world today participated, classified into three categories: the city of the future, the healthcare of the future and the commercial distribution of the future. Pasion>ie allows Ferrovial to search for innovating solutions to the business challenges, in which startups compete in the City of the Future category, since they are aligned with the three priority areas of innovation of the company: energy efficiency, the environment, services for citizens and sustainable urban mobility.

The project winners of the last edition of Pasion>ie

The winning projects will be provided with the necessary support and networking to be able to evolve, in addition to receiving other prizes such as vouchers exchangeable for products or services, specific training courses for startups, personalised legal advice, preferential tickets for sporting events or the use of coworking spaces.

The following criteria were used to select the winners:

  • Degree of innovation of the project presented to the competition and arguments that demonstrate the value of the project and its capacity to be materialised.
  • Viability of the project within the context of the city, healthcare and commercial distribution of the future.
  • Social and economic impact of its implementation.
  • Capacity and experience of the team to develop the proposal.

The winning projects of this 5th edition are:

Plactherm's technology can be used to define a distributed radiant heating system with smart tiles that can be used to control and manage the temperature in each room or area defined by the user inside a home or workplace, saving over 30% on energy consumption. Ferrovial is currently collaborating with Plactherm in the definition of the pilot project that will be implemented and validate their technology.

This solution is designed with a Bluetooth 4.0 bracelet connected to an App that can be used to look after children in crowded places (shopping centres, parks, avenues, beaches, etc.) and it offers invaluable information about the health of children. Not only does it detect when they are far away from their caretaker but also, for example, if they jump into water or are under excessive exposure to sunlight.

  • Commercial Distribution of the Future category

A platform with over 4,000 personal trainers of any sport, throughout Spain, with international presence in Chile and Colombia. It allows users to compare, choose and hire a personal trainer. It already has over 10,000 opinions/assessments of the platform's users.

The startup Emotion Research Lab deserves special mention, since its facial recognition software can measure emotions in real time and helps understand the behaviour of the consumer better. Airports and trains are an example of places in which this technology could be very positive, since it can identify new market niches, customise offers or measure the degree of satisfaction of customers.

Pasion>ie Programme

This programme was developed with the goal of enabling the collaboration of large corporations and young companies with a solid future projection. The initiative is for a vast network of entrepreneurs, persons working for universities, R+D research centres, technology parks and students and alumni of the IE Business School, the entity leading the programme with Accenture. The link between all agents is the innovative spirit and the interest to define new projects with a high added value. The platform was used for the competition, which has received over 2,300,000 visits since the 1st edition and with a virtual community with over 2,100 registered users. For Ferrovial innovation is a strategic tool for addressing the global challenges facing the infrastructures sector. The company is developing internally different initiatives focusing on innovation and considers that its processes must be enriched with an ecosystem open to partnerships with entrepreneurs and startups. 3 visits 1 0 0 comments


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