Presenting the TeDS4BEE project at the ICT2013 conference


TEDS4BEE Ferrovial Eficiencia Energética
  Ferrovial Services, FBSerwis, Amey and the Centre for Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation took part in the "ICT2013 Create, Grow and Connect" conference, recently held at the Exhibitions and Conventions Centre in the Lithuanian capital (Vilnius). At the meeting, Ferrovial Services, along with its subsidiaries, the CI3 and other firms involved in the project, presented the initial results from the TeDS4BEE project. The design and development stages for the Digital EMMOS service are now complete and its roll-out will begin in the UK, Poland, Italy, Serbia and Spain. The event was also an opportunity to publicize and discuss the ICT Horizon2020 programme. This initiative will fund R+D and Innovation projects between 2014 and 2020 in areas such as ICT, Energy Efficiency, waste collection and treatment, smart cities, mobility and transport, climate and environment and water. The conference specialises in ICT that has direct applications for European industry, and brought together more than 4,000 companies and 5,400 experts a range of ICT specialist fields: robotics, electronic payment methods, mobiles, cybersecurity, man-machine interaction, smart vehicles and energy efficiency at buildings. ICT2013: Create, Grow and Connect Ferrovial Services was selected out of a total of 270 proposals to exhibit the TeDS4BEE project at the event. Visitors to the stand were provided with information on the project, while demonstrations of the Digital Service and meetings with stakeholders were also held. Attendees at the conference included representatives from 10 countries and companies such as IBM, Siemens, Tecnalia and Fraunhofer. The TeDS4BEE project The TEDS4BEE project, led by Ferrovial Services in partnership with Amey, FBSerwis and the CI3 as technical coordinator, consists of developing and piloting an EMMOS (Energy Management and Monitoring Operational System) digital service capable of gathering and storing energy consumption data for public buildings. The project is due to run from 2013 to 2015 at 17 buildings in five different countries: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland and Serbia. TEDS4BEE aims is to validate and establish EMMOS as a digital service at pilot buildings, assessing data in terms of energy efficiency and savings, defining a business and operations plan to ensure sustainability and scalability beyond the pilot programme, user acceptance via surveys, as well as forecast emissions savings. As well as Ferrovial Services, FBSerwis, AMEY and the CI3 (Centre for Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation), also involved in the consortium are Madrid Network, Indra, Engineering (Italy) and Ion Solutions (Serbia), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Pro-Akademia (Poland) and University of Limerick.


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