Qo, Ferrovial’s chatbot to help staff attain their maximum potential


new chatbot robot ferrovial

Ferrovial has launched a conversational robot (known as a ChatBot) to provide staff with cutting edge tools linked to technology to boost their continuous development and training, using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This multi-disciplinary project has come about as a joint effort between Ferrovial’s Talent and Digital Hub teams, with Microsoft as a partner in the technical development of the system.

What’s Ferrovial’s Qo chatbot all about?

Qo is an AI tool capable of processing natural language and holding a coherent conversation by means of a chat with an employee, helping him or her develop professionally through recommendations for skills improvement.

The chatbot was introduced as a pilot in the framework of the Conversations for Development process, and will be available to employees for the entire year. Its main task is to provide learning resources to enable easy and flexible skills development.

Qo sees the light as a pilot project, the aim being for it to evolve and learn linguistically through use. Employee engagement in the project is therefore key to ensuring adequate functionality and development towards an ever more intelligent tool capable of responding to any queries and consultations.

How does the chatbot work?

Qo is programmed using Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) technology, which allows the creation of unique language models so that commands can be understood and acted upon. Rather than providing replies based on stored data, it interprets the language and learns from each of its interactions with users.

With this initiative, Ferrovial puts artificial intelligence at the service of employees, with a view to trialing a technology which could be useful for different business areas in the near future.


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