Rafael del Pino y Moreno, founder of Ferrovial, recognised in an event paying tribute to exemplary businessmen and women


rafael del pino y moreno E2IN2
Rafael del Pino y Moreno, founder and Honorary President of Ferrovial, has been recognized by SMEs and successful entrepreneurs at an event held at the Madrid Atheneum, to pay tribute to the career of the founders of eight long-running businesses.

Rafael del Pino y Moreno recognized as exemplary businessman at E21N2 event

The "Tribute to Exemplary Businessmen 2017" (AHEE 2017), organised by E2IN2, has distinguished Rafael del Pino y Moreno, founder and Honorary President of Ferrovial, as well as seven other founders of long-running businesses, in an initiative to mark the importance of entrepreneurship for society and the role of the entrepreneur as a driver of progress. The event was attended by Rafael del Pino, current President of Ferrovial, who collected the award granted to the company’s founder. The tribute, which was held at the Madrid Atheneum, highlighted the enormous merit involved in creating and maintaining a company, and transmitting the values of such company to future generations. The event was also attended by Javier Vega de Seoane, President of the Círculo de Empresarios (Association of Businessmen), who gave the inaugural speech, as well as by different generations of those distinguished with the award and other company executives. The event ended with the opening of the Tribute to Exemplary Businessmen Virtual Park, featuring the successful entrepreneurs receiving the award. The park, which opened its doors during the event itself, is freely accessible and can be visited through this link. Other notable businessmen and women receiving the award were Francisco Díaz Martínez, from Astilleros Gondán [shipbuilders]; Rafael Pérez Barrigón, from Dulces y Conservas Helios [sweets and preserves]; Nicolás Mediavilla Ferruz, from Fain Ascensores [lifts]; José Ramón Sanz Pinedo, from Dalphi Metal - Fundación Numa; Inés Rosales Cabello and Juan Moreno Tocino, from Inés Rosales [confectioners]; José Fernández López, from Zeltia (Pharmamar); and José Gancedo Bagá, from Tapicerías Gancedo [upholsterers].

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E2IN2 was created in 2015 to support projects generating a high economic and social added value. It supports special, unique and innovative projects for the future. E2IN2 emphasizes entrepreneurship and innovation.


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