Services activities in North America begin to operate under the Ferrovial Services brand


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The company, based in Austin, has 1,500 employees and provides services to the Infrastructure and Oil & Gas industries, with a presence across the USA and Canada. Ferrovial Services has recently started to conduct its North American operations under the Ferrovial Services brand. This new brand is used for all corporate activities and the infrastructure sector, whilst it acts as an umbrella brand to TIMEC and HRI in the Oil&Gas sector. Ferrovial Services currently employs circa 1,500 people and operates in 14 US states (notably in California, Florida and Texas) and in the Canadian province of Ontario. Consistent with Ferrovial's worldwide approach, Ferrovial Services provides added value to its North American clients based on an uncompromising commitment to safety, innovation and operational experience. The ability to leverage Ferrovial's capabilities, experience and relationships will contribute to achieving the intended growth across North America. Ferrovial Services North American operations are embedded in Ferrovial Services International (division), whose headquarters were recently relocated to Austin, Texas, further demonstrating the relevance of the North American market to Ferrovial.

Infrastructure sector

Ferrovial Services operates and manages critical transport infrastructure across North America, for example the Miami Port Tunnel, the Presidio Parkway in San Francisco and the tunnel network in Washington D.C. In these contracts for the Florida DoT and the Ontario MoT, Ferrovial Services delivers a range of activities that expand acrossthe asset life cycle, including asset inspection, maintenance, snow removal, vegetation control, emergency response, manning of control centers and operation of moveable bridges.

Oil & Gas sector

Activities in the Oil and Gas sector are conducted under the Timec and HRI brands, which enjoy extensive recognition and a strong track record spanning over 40 years. Ferrovial performs mechanical maintenance and specialty services on a continued basis and as part of turnaround. It operates across a number of refineries and petrochemical plants in California, Utah, Texas and several other US states and for clients such as Chevron, Valero, Exxon, Andeavor, Marathon, Dow Chemicals and Lyondell Basel.

About Ferrovial Services

Ferrovial Services is an international leader in the design and delivery of services to enhance the efficiency, functionality, and sustainability of infrastructures and cities. The company has more than 80,000 employees and a stable presence in geographies such as Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. It provides services in the areas of transport and environmental infrastructure maintenance, facility management, natural resources, and utilities.


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