Showing the way: Ferroser develops signage contracts in Spain


Señaletica Ferroser  
As well as seeking new business at the major European airports, Ferroser is negotiating for contracts at the airports of Alicante, León and Algeciras. And it is close to securing signage management projects for the airports of Gran Canaria, Ibiza and Santiago de Compostela.   José Manuel Rocamora notes that the development of this business is not confined to airports: “We are committed to growth in other private industries such as banking, oil companies and the automotive sector, as well as public-sector industries such as railways.” Ferroser is currently responsible for maintenance on three lines of the Madrid metro and is seeking to secure the signage contract for this major facility. “It’s no exaggeration to say that in 2003 we won one of the biggest signage contracts in the world,” says Rocamora proudly. The Signage Director is referring to the award for the management of static and dynamic signage in the new Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas airport, which also included, among other things, the adjoining development and access ways, multi-storey car parks, offices and emergency evacuation routes. There was a precedent for this success in 1997, when the company won the contracts for Terminals 1 and 2 at the Madrid airport. Ferroser first entered this business in 1992, with the design, manufacture and installation of urban signage for vehicle traffic guidance in the town of Avilés in Asturias. Ferroser has a plant at which it produces signs for its various clients. It also has a notable workforce of professionals ranging from graphic designers to IT specialists or quantity surveyors. “Currently we are developing a new geographic information system to improve our operations,” says Rocamora. The company’s projects notably include access signage for industrial areas in Seville and signage for the Fundación Reina Sofía Alzheimer centre. It is also producing tourist signage for Peníscola, Castellón and the Castilla y León region.


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