Smart Hospital Cantabria marks its fourth anniversary with a new communications and social extension programme


Exterior view of the Smart Hospital Cantabria
  • The company invested 100 million Euros in improvement works and equipment in Valdecilla, where it is providing 12 non-medical services at a fixed price for a period of 20 years.
  • SHC currently employs more than 650 staff.
  • “We are working with the same enthusiasm as on day one, and strive to increase our level of cooperation.”
Smart Hospital Cantabria (SHC), the joint venture set up to finish the building works at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, equip the new buildings, and take on the management of 12 non-medical services, celebrates its 4th birthday. To mark the anniversary, it is implementing a programme for providing information on the project and engaging the public through its recently created website to collect suggestions and opinions. The joint venture comprised of Ferrovial Services and local company SIEC was the only one amongst all the companies invited by the Cantabria Autonomous Community to take part in a competitive bid to consistently uphold its commitment to finishing Stage III of the works (mainly involving blocks B, C and D) and take on the management of 12 non-medical services for a period of 20 years. This long-term commitment has allowed important investments and improvements, both in IT equipment and telecommunications, electrical medical equipment and other provisions. These services were previously managed by Valdecilla, and involved up to 56 separate contracts with different private companies. The physical scope of SHC services, in addition to the three blocks B, C and D, is the 2nd of November building (known as block A), the Pavilions, Valdecilla Sur (outpatients) and the Hospital at Liencres. Moreover, SHC is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and four commercial enterprises (coffee shop and parking facilities at Valdecilla Sur, vending machines, and TV and telephone services in the rooms). Works were scheduled to last 18 months from January 2014, but thanks to the commitment of all those involved, were completed in only 16 months. Of the new technological equipment provided, the most significant are the linear accelerator for cancer therapies, MRI scanner, CT scanner and other radiology equipment. SHC currently has more than 650 staff working in different activities and services.
“Four years on, at SHC we are working with the same enthusiasm as day one, and strive to increase our level of cooperation at Valdecilla, as well as our understanding of the various levels of management responsibility”. Javier Rodriguez, SHC General Manager, said.


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