The President of the Institution of Civil Engineers visits Ferrovial Agroman’s headquarters in Madrid


digitalisation and bim in construction
BIM and digital infrastructure: from policy to practice was the title chosen by the Asociación de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (Association of Civil Engineers, AICCP) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for the conference held on Friday, September 15 on digitalisation and the use of the BIM methodology in the construction sector, and specifically in infrastructures. The conference, chaired by ICE President Tim Broyd and AICCP President Vicent Esteban, was opened by Rosana Navarro Heras, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transportation, who renewed the Government’s pledge to support implementation of the BIM methodology in her presentation "The role of Government in the Implementation of BIM in Spain". Attending on behalf of Ferrovial Agroman was the Director for Institutional Relations and R&D+i who gave a presentation and took part in round table discussions. He highlighted the role of innovation throughout Ferrovial Agroman’s history, linked the contents of the “Manual Against Wastage” written in the 1960s with the principles of project management and the BIM methodology, and stressed the power of cooperation as a tool for sharing knowledge between UK and Spanish engineering. In his speech, he focused particularly on the process for implementation of BIM within a construction company, providing examples of the challenges and barriers encountered but also stressing how on-site workers themselves demand the use of BIM when they recognise it as a tool for improving project processes and performance. Also he ended his presentation, which was entitled "UK and Spain: Engineering Together “, with two quotes from company founder Rafael del Pino Moreno which, he said, are fully valid today and can be applied as a principle of the BIM methodology and the process of implementation which is currently ongoing within our company and the construction sector in general:
"Always place your sights on the future" "None of us is better than the sum of the whole"
On the day prior to the event, ICE President Tim Broyd visited Ferrovial Agroman headquarters, where he was welcomed by CEO Alejandro de la Joya. This visit is further evidence of shared interests between the two organisations and the wish to carry forward the cooperation which began some years ago between Ferrovial Agroman and ICE. In the words of ICE President, cooperation should continue and extend to individual cooperation between engineers, irrespective of their geographical location, as well as on a corporate company level.


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