Third lanes on the Ruta 5 Sur highway in Angostura (Chile) now open


The ruta sur 5 highway in Chile

Following three years of construction works, the third lane for the Angostura section of the Ruta 5 Sur highway was opened on 25th January by Chile’s Minister for Public Works, in the presence of Chile Director Joaquín Torres and the site team.

Construction works have involved an investment of 90 million dollars for the provision of three lanes in each direction between kilometres 51 and 54 of the Ruta 5 Sur highway. This has allowed vehicle capacity to increase from 2,800 to 5,000 vehicles per day.

This new stretch of highway which has now opened is 7 km long and connects the Metropolitan and O’Higgins regions. It includes a new layout and two 10.5 m carriageways separated by a 3 metre median, flyovers, slope strengthening systems, drainage systems and security installations with closed circuit cameras and lighting. This road construction project is part of the extension and improvement of the Ruta 5 Sur highway in Chile, which includes the Nueva Angostura toll booth opened some months ago and duly covered in a news report. Construction has also involved the provision of a new connection for residents of the Águila Sur sector, a new return lane to the south of Angostura, and two new pedestrian bridges in San Francisco Mostazal and ÁguilaSur.

The new stretch has required the excavation of 1,280,000 m3 of rock and the cutting of 80 metre high banks with controlled explosions to remove 810,000 m3 of earth. A total of 89,000 m3 of aggregates and 138,000 tonnes of asphalt have been used.

The construction team led by Joaquín Torres and Manager Javier Jiménez was comprised by Seida González, Director for Quality and the Environment; Samuel Castán, Site Manager; Gema Santamarta, Head of Quality and the Environment; Raquel Rodríguez, Head of Technical Office; Javier Ponce, Adolfo Cestafe, Javier Merino and Jesus Castillo, Production Managers; Elías Mancilla, Ariel Aedo, Diego PInto and Marcelo Cuevas, Safety and Prevention; Miguel Bintaned, Patricio Elizondo, Henri Garrido and Héctor Soto, Managers; Pedro Medina, Alex Sánchez, Claudia Guerrero, Martín Rivera, Joseba Iturriaga and Miguel Ulloa, Technical Office and Topography; Mauricio Boggen, Marta Martín, Gabriel Villagran, Valentina Brieba and Francisco Espinoza, Administration.

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