This infograph shows Heathrow’s 2017 stats like you’ve never seen them before!


An airplane flies over the drop off area at T5
Whether people went for business or pleasure, Heathrow’s number one destination isn’t just a healthy snack. The Big Apple topped the list of the most visited destination for those leaving the UK’s number one transport hub in 2017. With many airlines using Dubai as a layover, it’s no surprise to find the ever-growing city-state in second place. A hop skip and a jump over the Irish Sea brings you to the third most popular destination, with Amsterdam and Hong Kong following Dublin to complete the top five. Passengers travelling on June 30th would have been part of the busiest day in the airport´s recorded history. Wembley, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Anfield could have all been filled to capacity with the 259,917 eager travellers on the airports busiest day. The airport itself sees an average of 213,668 passengers per day and intriguingly, more people arrive than leave. Infograph of Heathrow Airport's Statistics It’s safe to say that most of these passengers bring some form of luggage with them. 2017 saw 1.7 million metric tons of cargo transported. That’s the same as 283,333 African elephants. All this luggage was carried by 78 million passengers making 2017 Heathrow’s busiest year ever recorded. And those 78 million passengers are looked after by a staff of 76,500. Last year saw 474,033 flights pass through the airport hitting a daily average of 1,299. The length of the northern and southern runways are 3.9km and 3.65km respectively. So, if you’re an enthusiastic runner, or a fan of Usain Bolt, then you’ll know that it would take him over six minutes to reach the end of the larger runway running continuously at his 100 metre world record pace of 9.58 seconds. Bolt would run at 44.72 km/h (27.8 mph). Fast, but not quite up to the 240 km/h (150mph) speed needed for the average jetliner to take off. Check out the infograph above for all the stats. You can find out more about Ferrovial Airports here.


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