tuciudapp awarded by the enerTIC platform as the best innovation project 2016


The tuciudapp app in Guadalajara
The tuciudapp project led by Ferrovial Services together with the Innovation and Business Processes Department of Ferrovial Corporation, and delivered by the Centre for Innovation on Intelligent Infrastructures, has been awarded a prize for best innovation project in the Smart Collaboration category by the enerTIC platform.
Ferrovial received an enerTIC Award for best innovation project in the Smart Collaboration category, for the tuciudapp (your city app) project led by Ferrovial Services. These awards recognise the best projects amongst those submitted in respect of use of ICTs for streamlining energy efficiency. The awards ceremony was held at the offices of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and IT and was attended by over 150 managers and senior public executives, amongst them José María Lassalle Ruiz, Secretary of State for IT and the Digital Agenda, who opened the ceremony, and Daniel Noguera, General Manager of RED.es. The Award was collected by Miguel Prieto, Ferrovial’s Head of Technical Office and Innovation. Other institutions receiving awards at the event were the Town Council of Guadalajara, the Town Council of Valencia, Telefónica, Iberdrola and CeDint.

The tuciudapp project

The tuciudapp project has been delivered by Ferrovial Services, together with the Innovation Division of Ferrovial Corporation and the Centre for Innovation on Intelligent Infrastructures CI3. tuciudapp is a new channel for communication between city residents, the Town Council, local businesses and concessionary companies of urban services. It provides access to information on the relevant location, such as cultural heritage, leisure, municipal services, local shops, etc., using labels with QR codes with unique and customisable content, which is easily accessible from smartphones and tablets. It also offers the possibility of local citizens reporting incidents (such as a broken pavement, for example), or providing suggestions, etc. It is therefore an open communication channel which evolves over time in terms of contents and possible use.


EnerTIC is a corporate platform aimed at improving energy efficiency through the use of ICTs. Its mission is “To contribute to the development of the potential for change of ICTs in the field of energy efficiency, to achieve a more competitive and more sustainable economy”. The Platform works with both the private and the public sector to boost initiatives and activities for awareness-raising, promotion and dissemination, as well as cooperation between organisations, to encourage application of ICTs for improving energy efficiency for people, technological infrastructures, spaces and buildings. EnerTIC’s Technical Committee and a group of experts from its member organisations and Institutional Cooperation Network shortlisted the winners from over 60 projects submitted for each category. The winning project was subsequently selected by anonymous users through the enerTIC.org web page.


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