ZITY celebrates International Book Day with a donation campaign using its vehicles


Zity electric carsharing Renault Zoe
To commemorate International Book Day, the electric carsharing company ZITY will be launching a campaign aimed at using its fleet of cars for the purpose of sharing stories.  From April 23 to 29, all books that are left in the boots of ZITY cars will be donated to two charitable bookshops:  Libros para un mundo mejor (Books for a better world) and TuuuLibrería (Your Bookshop). The initiative known as #LibrosPorLaZity will be publicized through ZITY’s social networks, as well as by informative book marks placed between the glove box and the dashboard on all ZITY vehicles. In this way, users will be invited to take those dusty books off their shelves and leave them in the car boots so that others can benefit from their use. When cars are taken to ZITY's headquarters for recharging, the boot will be inspected, and any books found there will be collected and subsequently donated to the bookshops mentioned above.  In the words of Javier Mateos, CEO of ZITY,
“We want our service to be continuously alive so that things happen in our cars. We not only want to offer the possibility of moving from one place to another, but also to offer experiences that enrich our customers". 
ZITY wants to fill the city with books because a book is never finished if it continues to be read. In addition, this campaign aims to give more visibility to places in Madrid that search for ‘ZITYzens’, referring to those individuals who use ZITY services, or in other words, people who are committed to society, supportive and environmentally aware, and who want to live in a more sustainable city. Moreover, these people not only contribute to society by donating their books, but they also help others to reread them. 


Every person imagines a book that they would like to read, but unfortunately not everyone can have a book. For this reason, ZITY will donate the books collected in this campaign to the following charity bookshops, which in turn will allow them to be read another time. 

Libros para un mundo mejor (Books for a better world) 

Loyal to its philosophy of seeking the cultural, social and healing aspect of books, this bookshop recycles second hand volumes, promotes the sale of used books at unbeatable prices, and donates the works it receives to libraries of those organizations most in need. Specifically, it collaborates with 25 libraries in mental health centres, colleges and nursing homes, 14 of which are located in Spain, and 11 in Brazil. 


The mission of this non-profit organization is to allow easy access to reading. All books come from private donors, companies and institutions. The organization makes use of the books in three ways: 
  • The books are placed on the shelves without cataloguing, available to people who pass by the centres in exchange for a monetary donation. 
  • They are categorized and donated to institutions, and used for specific campaigns, such as providing dictionaries and children's books to schools. 
  • Books that are outdated or in very bad condition are recycled by a company specialized in this activity. 

About ZITY 

ZITY is a project that combines the capabilities of Ferrovial, both in the field of urban services as well as in its development of environmentally friendly solutions, together with the experience of Renault, a leader in the sale of electric vehicles in Europe and a benchmark in the field of sustainable mobility.  ZITY’s ‘per minute’ car rental service in the city of Madrid has a fleet of 500 Renault Zoes, which are 100% electric and have a range of 300 kilometers. With these cars, users can travel outside the ZITY area, activating the Stand-By Rate to put the rental service on pause in any location, thereby reserving the car for the return trip to the city. You can find out more about ZITY on its websiteFecebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube.


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